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Application procedure

  1. Submit duly filled application with a copy to relevant Regional Office or Coconut Development Officer. The application forms can be obtained by the Head Office, Regional Office and Coconut Development Officer. Also, it can be downloaded from the CCB Website.
  2. After that CDO inspects the land suitability for coconut cultivation.
  3. A permit is issued for the suitable lands and if the land is rejected inform it to the land owners.
  4. Conduct training programs to the selected land owners.
  5. Issue seedlings at the rate of 65 per acre free of charge. Or Inspect lands after a months and pay cash subsidy to the lands below 15% death rate.
  1. Aplication Form 01
  2. Aplication Form 02
  3. Aplication Form 03
  4. Aplication Form 04
  5. Aplication Form 05
  6. Aplication Form 06