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Our Vision

To be the most efficient and effective coconut producer in the world.

Our Mission

Achieve self sufficiency to meet the local & export demand by increasing production and productivity of coconut land through an efficient & effective extension service and development assistance.

Our Aims

  • Disseminate of technical know – how on planting coconut among coconut growers in an efficient and effective manner in order to enhance the coconut land extent & production and to protect the coconut cultivation in Sri Lanka.
  • Increase the coconut land productivity and revenue generation through intercropping and animal husbandry in Coconut lands.
  • Raise the gross national coconut production up to 3650 million nuts by year 2016.
  • Small scale coconut growers are directed to generate community based financial societies in order to establish small & medium scale coconut based industries and there by generate trade opportunities and upgrade their life standard.
  • Upgrade model gardens of the coconut cultivation board into demonstration plots and manage them in a profitable manner.