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Infilling under coconut land Rehabilitation Program

Maximum is 24 seedlings / Ac and up to 1200 seedlings could be issued per person.


Subsidy program in New planting/Replanting/Under Planting

64 seedlings are offered free of charge for lands from ¼ Ac. to 5 Ac.


Subsidy for hose irrigation

Rs.8000/- Ac is given and maximum acreage is up to 5 acres.


Urban home garden program

Early bearing high yielding seedlings are offered for urban home garden owners. Maximum 02 seedlings per home garden.

"Kaprukai Sipnanai" Program

  • Two poly bagged seedlings are offered free of charge for grade 6 school children
  • Record book is provided for keeping records of growing seedlings along with a maintenance guideline

"Divimagata Kapruka" home garden program

Two coconut seedlings are offered free of charge per home garden or tow poly bagged seedlings are offered in Rs.100/- per seedlings.



Subsidy for establishment of cattle/buffalo shed in coconut lands in order to promote organic fertilizer application

Maximum up to Rs.35,000/- per 2 cattle or buffalos including cage for carves or 3 cattles without carves cage.

"Kaprukai parapurai" Program

Tow poly bagged seedlings are offered for mothers who have newly born babies in order to make a healthy generation in future.


"Kapruka ayojana" Credit Program

  • Rs.125,000/- /Ac. for new planting with intercrops
  • Rs.125,000/- /Ac. for Replanting with intercrops
  • Rs.125,000/- /Ac. for Rehabilitation of existing coconut land with intercrops
  • Rs.50,000/- /Ac. for rehabilitation of coconut land
  • Rs.25,000/- /Ac. for coconut growing as monocrop
  • Rs.150,000/- Ac. for establishing drip irrigation systems
  • Rs.125,000/- Ac. for establishing nursery to provide planting material for intercropping
  • Rs.50,000/- /Ac. for establishing hose irrigation systems for coconut plantations
  • Rs.150,000/- /Ac. for female cattle or buffalos rearing in adult coconut plantations
  • Rs.150,000/- /Ac. for five female sheep / goats and one male goat in adult coconut plantations

Subsidy for production of organic fertilizers and application of organic fertilizers

  • Rs.100/- promotional allowance/ 30kg of compost production (This is only for members of kapruka purawara)
  • Rs.100/- promotional allowance/ palm for those who are applying organic fertilizers. Maximum is up to 600 palms/person. (This is limited to some credit limit)

"Kapruka Purawara" Program

  • Subsidy for Kapruka purawara home gardens. Maximum 05 seedling are offered free of charge
  • Rs.25,000/- /Ac. for field demonstrations maximum up to 3 acres
  • Fare interest rate loan for coconut cultivation and small scale industries through a revolving fund system
  • Kapruka manpower insurance
  • Training necessary for initiation of industries and self employments are free of charge
  • Establishing of community based nurseries and purchasing their seedlings
    • Recommended seedlings are provided in subsidiary rates
    • Island wide extension service
    • Red weevil / Black beetle pheromone in subsidiary rates
    • Releasement of predators for mite control in very low cost
    • King coconut seedlings are offered in subsidy rates for farmers from ¼ - 5 Ac. in order to promote king coconut cultivation
    • Technical advises , trainings and discussions relating to technology know – how from CDO’s offices, Regional Officess and Training Centers