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Special Subsidy Programmes

Weligama Wilt & Rot Disease control program

Weligama Wilt and Rot Disease has been first reported in Weligama district and now it has been spreaded around Matara, Galle and Hambanthota districts in Southern area including 12 divisional secretariat of Matara district and 04 divisional secretariats of Galle & Hambanthota districts. According to the findings of Research Institute this has been identified as a Phytoplasmic disease where no precautions and causes for detrimental effect and which is considered as an epidemic disease.

In order to protect the entire coconut cultivation in Sri Lanka from this epidemic disease both Coconut Cultivation Board and Coconut Research Institute are work together under the guidance of the Ministry of Coconut Development and Janatha Estate development.

The first most important precaution has been taken for this was finding out a remedy to control transmission of the disease by isolating the disease affected area by introducing a disease free boundary area which is 3 Km width and 88.4 Km length where extent from Galle to Thangalle through Akuressa / Hakmana. Affected palms identified in the boundary are removed continuously. Growers are claimed for removal of affected palms under the authorization of CCB officers. Also affected palms in outside the boundary also removed through the continuous inspections.

Assistance Provided:-

For the removal of disease affected palms, the board subsidized with fair amount per removed palm basis for the land owner.