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Kapruka Purawara Development Program

In view of development of the coconut industry Kapruka Purawara is a joint intervention of entire sector. This program conducts in an identified Divisional Secretariats in an island wide. Correspondent to the number of Divisional Secretariats covers under the Kapruka Purawara programs for the duration of 2011 – 2016 are mention below.
Year Number of DS Divisions
2011 22
2012 28
2013 30
2014 30
2015 35
2016 35
Total 180
  • Enhancement of the productivity of coconut lands in identified Divisional Secretariats.
  • Promotion of planting coconut in potential lands in the selected divisions.
  • Increase coconut yield by 80 nuts per palm per annum in those DS Divisions.
  • Identification and promotion of coconut based novel industries.
  • Identification of new possibilities of employment opportunities.
  • Dissemination of new research and development knowledge among the growers of the DS divisions.
  • In recognized divisions under the program will be develop as a regulation body.
  • Expansion of market opportunities for coconut and coconut based products.
  • Give opportunities for the volunteer in provisioning for the coconut and coconut based industries.

Major program execution

Establishment of Kapruka Societies

Kapruka societies are established at primary, regional, district and national level. In primary level these societies are established at Grama Niladari Division levels. Main objective of this activity is to direct coconut stakeholders to expand their income levels by organizing proper programs. Kapruka Societies

Kapruka Planting Program

Conducting of uniform coconut cultivators in an identified Kapruka Purawara. New Planting, Under Planting, refilling and maintaining of Model Gardens and Nurseries are some of the projects to be launched under this program. Seedling requirement for each division will be fulfilled through the division itself.

Advancement of Kapruka Manufactures

Encouragement of producers, introducing novel products, improvement of value added coconut products and make use of coconut base raw materials and improvement of revenue generation of the region are the main objectives of this program.

Generation of Kapruka Employment Opportunities

By expanding the number of employment opportunities in coconut sector and upliftment of living standard of self employers in coconut sector and bringing about recognition for them.

Kapruka Tourism Promotional Program

Along with the “Mahinda Chinthana Idiri Dekma” Agro Tourism has given a foremast position while coconut based. Agro tourism also an important as a supplementary income generation method. Therefore under this program coconut base agro tourism will be targeted.

Kapruka Research and Network of Information

Industry based Research and Development knowledge will disseminate for the development of the industry. Also particulars of stakeholders of coconut sector and availability of physical resource related to the industry will be updated under this activity.

Kapruka Marketing Promotional Program

In order to supply a proper marketing channel for coconut based product, regional level and further national level sales centre will be established for provide more opportunity for domestic suppliers of coconut based product.

Kapruka Insurance Scheme

By introducing an Insurance Scheme for those who involve in coconut based industries.

Kapruka Loan Scheme

Through a network of government and commercial banks in the country provide financial assistances for the Kapruka Purawara beneficiaries.

Kapruka Fund

Provide financial aids for the employers of coconut industry.

Kapruka Subsidy Program

Those who eligible for the land rehabilitation under the Kapruka Purawa will be offered subsidy assistances under this activity.